"Oh My Sweet Gherkins!!!"


ok so for those of you who watched RuPaul's Drag Race..
did we see a familiar face?

(Sheree from Real Housewives of Atlanta)

 (Sahara Davenport)

it's crazyyy how much they look alike! lol 
i think Tatianna is soo pretty
have any favorites yet?


  1. Hi, your blog is great.

    I'm following.


  2. lmfao he looks just like her it could be her son..lol not even her real son looks that much like her as close and he does especially when he paints his face,that must be embrassing for her. I would watch the show to but now its on a channel we dont have :(

  3. LOL wow they do look alike, crazy! I like Tatiana and Raven so far.

  4. i loveeeeee this show and was so excited to see it comeback..I agree she is the rettiest...


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