March 17, 2010

The Sinners!

Here are all the entries for my 7 Deadly Sins Makeup Contest...

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 Deadly Sin: Envy


Deadly Sin: Gluttony


Deadly Sin: Wrath


Deadly Sin: Pride

Hav @


Deadly Sin: Lust

Angelica @


Deadly Sin: Greed

Elizabeth @

Thanks for entering ladies!!

The winner will be chosen this weekend!

Remember to visit their blogs =]



  1. the gluttony 1 is so cutee!!!
    im so uncreative :( i wanna join but im blank at what to do.

  2. I want to enter! But my bf and I broke up and I feel so distracted. :(

  3. omg all of the pics are so amazing...well done girls! oh and its really a great contest idea :) xx

  4. i love the entries ,nice !!!!

  5. I love these looks. I love over the top eye looks! lol

    I just found your blog. Feel free to check mine out & follow Enter my MAC riveting giveaway as well if you wish

    Makeup by Kim Porter

  6. wow everyones entries are amazing!! :D


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